sharpenPro Chef USA is your one stop sharpening service and full service mobile culinary store.  We bring the inventory to you!

We supply quality culinary cutlery tools, smallwares, tableware, bakeware, cookware, uniforms and shoes.  We provide sharpening services to keep your knives in proper working order.

We do more than just sharpen blades though.  We look at the blade from a technical aspect and determine what is needed to get the knife into working condition.  If needed we repair the blade, restore it, sharpen it, and polish it to as good as new condition.

Pro Chef USA  all distributes major brands of knives and understand the recommended blade angles.  Our product list includes these and more quality  knives from: J.A. Henckels, Wusthoff, KAI, Global, Mercer, Victorinox, Iconix, Dexter, Miyabi and many other cutlery brands. We re-serrate bread and steak knives and are the only service in the southeast region to repair and sharpen ceramic knives.