Cutting Board Service

Pro Chef  USA, America’s #1 knife sharpening and chef tool sales and service company.  We offer cutting board repair and replacement services. Just send us the measurements and quantity of boards you need. We will cut a new set, bring them to your location, switch them out, bring the old boards to our location and resurface them. We will return the resurfaced boards to you wrapped and ready for use whenever you need them.

We make regular visits to: restaurants, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, resorts, and meat processing facilities. Call us for additional information or if you have any questions about setting up your location 704-660-1908.

Cutting Board Certificate

If your cutting board is beyond resurfacing, we can replace it with NSF approved materials recommended by the food preparation industry and local and state health departments.

Don’t let your next inspection happen without getting your boards done. Ask about our switch-out service so that you can always be up to code!

  • Recommend by the Health Department